The benefits of installing synthetic grass lawns go beyond the incredible look, feel and durability of synthetic grass. Those who’ve installed our synthetic grass in their residential and commercial spaces know that synthetic turf from NexGen is also made in an environmentally responsible way. For all your synthetic grass needs, NexGen offers a highly durable synthetic grass product with an extremely natural look and feel. NexGen’s turf is the perfect choice for both beauty and durability even in the worst of weather conditions. Our installation is always done in a timely fashion and on your schedule. Once finished, you will be the proud owner of a product that conserves water, has lower emissions, eliminates fertilizers and provides a beautiful aesthetic look for your home year-round. Now that’s a product worth looking into!

Most Popular Products:

The Signature, Premium, and Fundamental are our top sellers, and it is not hard to see why. These grass types combine the perfect blend of durability, aesthetic, and feel to give you a truly amazing lawn all year-round. To learn more, drop us a line and we would be glad to answer any of your questions!

Artificial Grass 4


Signature Grass provides the ultimate natural, luscious look and boasts unrivaled quality, softness, luxury and resilience. Combining three green tones and a beige thatch, Signature achieves a superbly balanced, natural and realistic appearance that will be the envy of your neighbours!

Artificial grass 5


Premium Grass features dual shades of field and olive green grass blade color tones paired with a brown thatch layer. The grass blades are held into the backing through a revolutionary tuft bind technology. Each blade is triple reinforced to provide the most resistance to pull force.

Artificial Grass 6


Platinum  Grass is designed to imitate the structure of natural grass. It perfectly incorporates the fine-bladed monofilament fibre and the brown color thatch, a kind of curled fiber which makes the grass look more natural in your yard.


All Grass Types:

NexGen Services a range of industries, and thus has a range of products. We service:

  • Pet Industry
  • Playground Industry
  • Sporting Industry
  • Commercial Landscape Industry
  • Residential Landscape Industry

To learn more about the products we carry for these specific industries, contact us today!



The Grass Blades

Our polyethylene grass blade is non porous and will withstand challenges such as staining, animal waste, road salts, chlorine and is also UVA/UVB protected and fire resistant. We can also stitch in colour blades or logos to make the area more distinctive.

The Backing

Our high quality backing is designed for long-term durability, so it doesn't stretch or shrink with heavy traffic or with changes in temperature. The backing has perforations every few inches so that the grass drains quickly, and evenly, even after a heavy rainfall.