WHat is lifetime cost, and how is it calculated?

Lifetime cost is quite simply the cumulative cost of the grass throughout its useful lifetime. For sod, this means seasonal upkeep, constant watering, and all other operational expenses. With NexGen's synthetic grass, the lifetime cost is the same as the upfront cost. Lifetime cost factors in the capital cost of the grass/sod, and the operational cost on a yearly basis. 

When Will I experience my Return on Investment (ROI)?

Though synthetic grass requires a larger upfront investment than natural grass, the savings are in the operational costs. If you want your lawn looking amazing all year around, with no maintenance, than synthetic grass is your best bet. NexGen Synthetic Grass estimates it takes approximately 4-6 years to experience your ROI. This number is based on a number of properties, such as lawn size, maintenance costs, and house location. 


This all depends on what you consider expensive. Financially, our synthetic grass offers an ROI in 4 years. The average mortgage is 25+ years. That is 21+ years of savings when compared to natural grass. If you value an amazing lawn for more than 4 years, without the yearly maintenance fees, than the upfront cost becomes understandable. If you consider expensive to be the tireless work in order to maintain an amazing lawn, than synthetic grass is very cheap. Synthetic grass will often raise the profile of your home or commercial area, increasing its resale value more than natural grass can. The upfront cost reflects the longevity and durability of the product.

What payment options do i have?

NexGen Synthetic Grass typically asks for an upfront payment when the account is opened. The amount can vary depending on one's financial position. The remaining amount will then we requested when the grass has left our hands, or has been installed. Typically we prefer a single lump sum payment, but we are still welcome to discuss finance options with our clients. Please speak with one of our company representatives to learn more. 

Our Product

Do Your Synthetic Lawns Require Any Maintenance?

Our synthetic grass requires next to no maintenance, regardless of its age, use, or type. Made from strong and durable fibers, our synthetic grass makes for a pristine yard year-round, which also require no mowing, fertilizing or watering. In addition, our synthetic grass is incredibly easy to clean after a spill. The grass acts as an excellent deterrent for animals that like to dig up holes in the lawn, as it is impossible to dig through. For great lawns, choose NexGen Synthetic Grass.

Aren’t all the synthetic grasses the same?

Absolutely not! NexGen Grass utilizes the best products in the industry. We strive to provide the highest quality, and workmanship of our products. Our synthetic grass is designed for durability and realism. Our grass is made from incredibly strong fibers, yet softer than sod. In fact, our grass is one of the only grasses on the market that is FIFA-Approved. NexGen is defining the curve with unmatched, and industry-leading quality.

How do i know the quality/lifetime of my turf?

NexGen estimates the effective lifetime of the grass to be 15+ years. 15 is given as a minimum as the lifetime depends on many factors. It is not uncommon for one to install synthetic grass at the start of their mortgage, and still have reliable, amazing turf at the end of that mortgage. Our turf is manufactured by one of the largest and oldest manufacturers in the world, and comes FIFA-Approved. But don't take only our word, schedule a Free Consult and Estimate, and let the grass speak for itself!

what happens to dog urine and waste? 

Believe it or not, dogs can go to the bathroom on all NexGen Synthetic Grass products without any hesitations. Your dogs urine flushes through the turf’s drainage system, while solid waste is cleaned in the same manner as natural grass. If you're a dog lover (as we are), we also carry specific dog turf, K9-Grass. This offers the best drainage and disinfectant of any of our grass products, and acts to neautralize your dogs urine as fast as possible. 

Where does the turf come from?

Many of the turf products on our site have been partially designed by NexGen Synthetic Grass in conjunction with our manufacturer. Our manufacturer has had many years of experience in the synthetic grass industry, and as a result their products can be found in many major retail stores across Canada and the United States. In addition, their grass is one of the few in the entire world that is FIFA-Approved. Your grass is in safe hands with NexGen.

Does the turf come with warranty?

Absolutely! We truly believe that we have the best turf in the industry, and that's why we provide a 6-year warranty on all of our synthetic grass products. At this point, you will already be saving on maintenance costs compared to if you had chosen natural grass. If you wish to discuss an extended warranty, our team would be more than willing to discuss this with you. This makes NexGen Synthetic Grass a no-brainer.

You carry many different forms of synthetic grass, How do I know the one that is right for me?

There is nothing worse than choosing the wrong product, and finding out after the fact. That is why, at NexGen, we offer a Free Design Consultation and Estimate. In other words, we will come out to you, review your property, suggest a grass based on your needs, then mock-up a digital design of the space with the grass installed. We want you to be as comfortable as possible before making the decision to choose NexGen Synthetic Grass. Make sure to make an appointment as soon as possible!

Why should I choose NexGen Synthetic Grass over the other guys?

NexGen Synthetic Grass does it all. We are one of the only suppliers in Canada of FIFA-Approved turf. We offer a competitive warranty, with an option for an extended warranty. We have a wide range of products. We are one of the only firms that offer a digital design so you can visualize the grass in your property before it is installed. We offer competitive prices, but most of all, we are reliable. At NexGen, even though an account may be closed, a job is never done. You are always free to message us for any reason, and we will continue to do all we can, even when the account is closed, to help you and your family with your synthetic grass needs. As we expand nation-wide across Canada, our ubiquity will only help us serve your needs in a quicker and more confident manner. 

Are you available in my city?

At the moment, we only serve the Alberta region. That being said, we have an aggressive expansion plan laid out, so make sure to check back as our sights are set on becoming Canada-wide very soon. 

Partnership Opportunities

How do i become a partner?

At the moment, simply get in contact with us, using the subject Partnership Opportunities. We are working hard at building a partnership section to our website, and you can expect it to be up by August/September.

What do I receive as a partner?

Though the majority of this will be discussed in private, we can say that you will have access to all of NexGen Synthetic Grass products and access to our marketing materials.  

How to I become a NexGen Install Expert?

NexGen Install Experts are different than a NexGen Partner. Mainly, install experts are our term for private landscapers or builders who work with our grass, and offer install as their own private service. They have been formally trained by NexGen Synthetic Grass on how to properly assess, cut, install and maintain the grass. To become a NexGen Install Expert, please contact us today.