3 Things You Should Know About Artificial Turf Before You Buy

If you’ve done any amount of research on artificial turf, you’ll know it can give you a beautiful lawn with year-round vibrancy. You’ll also know that it can save you time and money, as it is largely maintenance-free and does not need to be watered. But before you put your order in, you should make absolutely sure you know what you’ll be getting.

Here are 3 things you should know as a homeowner about artificial turf:

1. Don’t dismiss UV protection.

We can’t blame you for simply ordering the most appealing-looking artificial turf for your new lawn. After all, you have many different styles to choose from that emulate not only the look but the feel of real grass. However, your artificial turf needs to stay looking and feeling that way long after you install it, and for that you should consider turf with UV protection.

Turf that is coated with UV inhibitors and stabilizers can resist the effects of ultraviolet degradation, making for a lawn that will last long after you’ve bought it.

2. Pay close attention to infill.

Everyone knows it’s what’s on the inside that counts, and that’s true even with artificial turf. Although the turf on top may be pretty, you should also consider what kind of infill is used. The last thing you’d want is a type of infill that succumbs to microbial buildup and doesn’t drain water.

See what types of infill you can use with your turf. Is it porous to allow pet urine and water to drain through? Is it made of nontoxic materials? Is it hard, or will it allow the turf to feel like real grass? Envirofill is a type of environmentally friendly infill with antibacterial technology. It’s nontoxic, impact-absorbing, and it does not absorb water. It’s a great choice for any type of artificial lawn, and the sign of a truly high quality lawn. 

3. Landscapers may not know how to install artificial turf.

Think twice about having your landscaping company install your new synthetic lawn. Artificial turf is still only just starting to gain massive popularity in the residential space, and even the commercial space to some degree, and some landscapers will not be familiar with the best way to install it.

The solution: either learn how to perform an artificial turf installation yourself or have the company you buy it from send a crew to install it.

Ready to Buy Artificial Turf?

By now you should be armed with even more knowledge about what you’re buying. Be sure to remember these 3 things and then make your informed artificial turf purchase with confidence!