About Us

NexGen Synthetic Grass is a trusted supplier and installer of synthetic grass in the Alberta market. For many years, customers have relied on NexGen to provide the best quality synthetic grass in Alberta. NexGen was founded by a group of ambitious individuals who have a wealth of experience in the landscape and synthetic grass industry. We have worked with many engineers to develop our modern grass and through years of trial and perfection, we have created one of the most natural looking grass products on the market. Customers are guaranteed to recieve the highest quality and lifelike appearance that is perfect for residential, commercial and sport. 

Why Us

At NexGen Synthetic Grass, we can safely say that we are at the cutting edge of the synthetic grass industry. NexGen has an impeccable reputation for providing long lasting, high quality synthetic grass to homes across Alberta.  Our manufacturer is the leading supplier in the industry; one of very few suppliers of FIFA-Approved turf.

NexGen Synthetic both develops synthetic grass with our manufacturer and purchases products directly from our manufacturer. This allows us to offer our entire line of high-quality synthetic grass products at competitive prices. Our knowledge in the industry and listening to customer needs has allowed us to make great insights into the industry, and thus design our own grass products, where one now sits as one of our best selling products that we offer. We are conveniently located in Edmonton and Calgary, allowing us to effectively serve most major communities in Alberta.

Reasons to choose NexGen Synthetic Grass

  • We are 1 of the 9 worldwide suppliers of FIFA-Approved turf. The turf we use, is the same turf that clubs such as Chelsea FC, and Olympiacos FC trust for reliability and quality.
  • We offer a standard 6 year warranty with all of our grass products, as well as the option of an extended warranty. 
  • We keep our overhead costs low, and our team small so that we can pass the savings onto you. 
  • Our prices are competitive and flexible, and we offer an amazing financing plan, if needed.
  • With NexGen, you're joining a family. The job does not stop when the account is closed. In other words, feel free to reach out anytime for any of your synthetic grass needs. 
  • Huge savings in water consumption. We estimate you can save approximately 14,000L of water per year by switching to synthetic grass.
  • Reduce your labour time. Spring cleaning is a dreaded event. Instead, switch to synthetic grass and save time and save your body from intense labour.
  • Reduce operational costs. Whether you maintain your own lawn, or hire a landscaper, you're spending money every spring and summer to keep your lawn looking healthy. Cut these costs down to zero, and have your lawn looking amazing the day the snow melts. 
  • Reduce carbon emissions emitted from lawn maintenance equipment. 
  • Our products all have a minimum 70% shock absorption, thus keeping your animals and children safe while they play on your lawn.
  • Our grass has a wear resistance of 20200 Lisport Test cycles.
  • Our UVA/UVB protection keeps the grass looking amazing for 15+ years.
  • NexGen grass is made from 80% recycled materials, thus reducing its impact on the environment. 
  • We offer a wide range of products. Our pet products all come standard with a deodorizer, our playground grass comes with extra shock absorption and drainage, and our sport turf comes with added durability. 
  • We offer the best partnership packages in the industry with detailed support, training and world class supplies.
  • Detailed consumer support. You can reach us through Facebook Messenger, email, phone or meet us personally at our office in Downtown Edmonton.